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Does most of your new business come from a connection with one of your former customers? Would you agree that social media has become a pretty big deal? And, finally, would you also agree that more and more word of mouth communication occurs via some type of electronic device/connection? 
With our unique Web-Portal-Postcards™ communication system, homeowners are empowered to directly engage in the building process and encouraged to share their exhilarating life changing event with friends, family and co-workers. Our vibrant Web-Portal-Postcards™ are highly customized, personalized and interactive connection points that reflect your specific brand messaging and value proposition as a home builder. 

Brand Builder Web-Portals™ combine the most traditional and reliable forms of lead generation with the most cutting-edge conduits of communication. It’s simple, Brand Builder Web-Portals™ generates more and better connections and referrals, for you the home builder, while improving the homeowner's event experience. 

We obviously can’t share all of our secrets in a brochure or website blurb, but we would certainly love to talk with you in greater detail about helping you grow your home building business. Contact us to set-up an online presentation or face to face meeting.
How Does Brand Builder™ Change Your Homeowner’s Experience?
“It’s not about websites, it’s not about photography and it’s certainly not about Facebook®, Pinterest® or social media – Team Brand Builder Web-Portals™ are all about communication."

– Eric Harper
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